Teen Wolf Season 3 Speculation: Who’s Next on the Darach’s List?
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Teen Wolf Season 3 Speculation: Who’s Next on the Darach’s List?

Serial killers usually stick to a pattern. (We’re basing this solely off the countless police procedurals we’ve watched, by the way.) Hence why we’re so confused about ritual murderer — the darach — on Teen Wolf.

At first, we knew what to expect from the druid-obsessed killer: He would strangle his victims, bash them over the head, and slit their throats. Overkill! First, the drach came for the virgins. Three, to be exact. Then he or she murdered a trio of warriors. With those out of the way, has the killer moved on to werewolves?

It would seem so from Season 3, Episode 6, “Motel California.” After all, Lydia (Holland Roden) saw the motel’s kill count go up by three — the darach’s favorite number. Later, she saw a cloaked and evil-looking figure in the flames. Druids wore cloaks, right?

But if Isaac’s (Daniel Sharman), Ethan’s (Charlie Carver), Boyd’s (Sinqua Walls), and Scott’s (Tyler Posey) attempted suicides were all part of the darach’s master plan, why has he or she deviated so far from the ritualistic killings? Ethan tried to slice open his own stomach; Boyd wanted to drown himself; Scott nearly lit himself on fire; and Isaac — well, Isaac could’ve stayed under that motel bed for a really long time, we’re sure. Regardless, none of those near-deaths fit with the killer’s slice-choke-brain method of murder.

Maybe the darach feels too weak to take on something with such sharp claws and pointy teeth. That still doesn’t explain why he or she tried go after four werewolves instead of the usual three victims. And why attempt to kill supernatural beings at all? Is their sacrifice required for whatever the darach is plotting?

We have no idea which Beacon Hills resident is responsible for all these deaths, but we have a feeling the killer won’t stop until he or she succeeds in killing three werewolves — or dies trying.

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