Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers: Will Scott Become an Alpha?
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Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers: Will Scott Become an Alpha?

Tread softly: Teen Wolf spoilers from TVLine below!

When Deaton (Seth Gilliam)— veterinarian, emissary, and mentor — explained to Scott (Tyler Posey) that he’s a “True Alpha,” some things clicked into place: The werewolf’s eyes that would occasionally flicker to red, the way Isaac (Daniel Sharman) would always look to him as a leader, and his ability to easily separate from Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) pack.

So will we see Scott embrace his new position as Alpha? “Scott is well on his way to becoming an Alpha,” executive producer Jeff Davis tells TVLine. “Whether he remains a True Alpha — one who doesn’t have to kill or steal the power — and who survives to make up his pack, might be the important questions.”

In Season 3, Episode 8, “Visionary,” it looked like Scott might have trouble not killing Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan) if anyone else gets hurt. Considering Holland Roden (Lydia) told E! Online there are three more deaths before the mid-season break, that doesn’t bode well. Given the right circumstances, Scott might snap — or kill someone in the heat of battle.

If that happens, do you think Isaac will defect and make Scott’s one-man wolf pack grow by one? If he even survives?! (Note: Isaac and his scarves must survive.)

Sources: TVLine, E! Online

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