Teen Wolf Spoilers: Sinqua Walls on Boyd’s Rage Blackout and the Alphas’ Master Plan — Exclusive
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Teen Wolf Spoilers: Sinqua Walls on Boyd’s Rage Blackout and the Alphas’ Master Plan — Exclusive

It's been a rough few months for Boyd (Sinqua Walls) on MTV's Teen Wolf. Not only was he locked up and unable to wolf out! for four months, but it looks like he also lost his closest confidant Erica to the Alphas. After suffering from a Summer Roberts-sized rage blackout in Season 3, Episode 3 ("Fireflies"), will Boyd be back to normal in Episode 4 ("Unleashed")? Will he even have any recollection of what happened during his time being held captive by the Alpha pack?

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Sinqua Walls to get the scoop on the Alpha's master plan, Erica's fate, Boyd's potential memory loss, and the Beacon Hills virgin homicides.

Wetpaint Entertaiment: For a second, I thought Boyd was a goner. It looked liked Derek killed him and Cora!

Sinqua Walls: I knew I was in trouble when I checked Twitter — because I was trying to respond to people’s questions — and everyone was like, “NOOOOO! BOOOYD!” Yelling at their TV screens!

Well, Scott did warn Derek, “It’s either you or them.” So there was a strong possibility he killed Boyd.

Suspenseful Teen Wolf!

Always! I’m glad he’s not dead. He was just taking a little nap, right?

Oh, yeah! Wolves take naps — power naps! After a night like that, he’s hung-over! He needs to get back in the game with a nice little power nap.

Seriously! Sun comes up, and he’s out. But it’s going to be pretty weird for Boyd, right? He’s been away from the pack and Derek for months, so is he going to have to come to terms with some changes?

Oh, definitely. Where we left him last season, he still didn’t know how to control his powers. That’s why he had such an explosion of energy and rage, because not only had he not changed in three full moons, but he also never learned to control those changes. He’s never really been coached. He had that introduction to it at the bus stop, but he had no one there to help him handle it, individually. So that’s why he lashed out with all that rage. Now, what if — question mark — Boyd wakes up with no memory of what happened? I don’t know! No one tells me!

You’re just an actor. What do you know?

I just say words on a page!

It was very interesting to see Derek harbor that guilt. Is that something that’s going to be explored throughout the season? Derek feels guilty he wasn’t there for Boyd — he’s the Alpha.

I think so. What I love about Derek as a character is that even though he’s always been portrayed as this darker, more sinister character with no remorse, you see a lot of his humanity shine through. You always see him battle the choice of good and evil. As human beings, we battle that too, so it’s always nice to see it in a character. Tyler brings it out so well. He’s great to look at, too, so it’s like, if Tyler can go through this good and bad, it’s not so bad if I do. And Derek really cares about Boyd because I think Boyd wanted to be Derek’s quintessential student. He looked up to Derek. So I think Derek does probably feel remorse for not looking out for him.

It’s also territorial. Boyd was taken from him — members of his pack were taken — so he can’t be happy about that.

Like any wolf, if you attack his pack, you have to attack back. So that’s going to be the battle of the season.

What is the Alphas plan? They want to eliminate Derek to get to Scott?

As the season goes on, we see the Alphas question each other because even though they are an Alpha pack and have banded together, in order to be apart of that pack, they’ve had to make sacrifices. Alphas aren’t normally team oriented, so whose personality, whose demeanor, whose power had to be diminished in order to make it work? We see a lot of that battle within the group — what’s the greater goal? Whose goals add up to each other, and whose goals are different?

I’m sure you spent a ton of time in the makeup chair this season. You were all wolfed out!

I know. Two hours a day for weeks. We’d have wolf days, where everyone who played a wolf would be in wolf makeup, so we wouldn’t have to jump back and forth. For the most part, everyone is a wolf, and we’re all walking around looking crazy on set. It becomes the norm. I was in wolf makeup every day for about three weeks, and when I finally was the normal Boyd, everyone was like, “I forgot what you looked like!”

They’re like, “Who are you? Do you work here?”

Yeah! I’m pulling up to set to park, and the guy is like, “Are you going to extras holding, or are you…” I’m like, “It’s Sinqua, man!”

Do you ever just wear it out in public?

I would get nervous! You know, it’s funny, because I’ve let the ears and contacts in and walked over to 7 Eleven, and people don’t even look twice. It’s Los Angeles! I’m just another crazy dude going done to Hollywood Boulevard.

So if we didn’t think Beacon Hills was a crazy place, now someone is sacrificing virgins. What part is Boyd going to play in this?

Boyd may be one of the people dying!

He’s not getting any?

Where’s Erica? Where did she go? Where is he getting it from? I think Boyd needs to be worried. He’s going to go on a quest with the Alphas, and they’re going to turn around and say, “Wait. It’s him we need to kill. I smell a virgin — kill him!”

Boyd’s really in the thick of the action this season, isn’t he?

The fun part about it for me, doing the shooting and seeing it unfold, is that I got to be part of the fun. Obviously, last season, Boyd was more observant, and he was learning how to fight and how to be a wolf. This season, because of the full moon and all of that rage, he gets to be more active in that world. I got to do a lot of the stunts. I got to jump around in the woods and run around. It was fun just to be wild.

So Boyd hadn’t changed in three full moons. Will there be some pent-up wolf energy?

I think he got it all out. It was a gust of pure adrenaline and tenacity, and ferociousness that came out all at once because he had been locked up for so long. If anything, it was just this exhaustion of rage that came out. So when he finally confronted Derek, he got all of that emotion. Hopefully, now, we’ll be able to see him be in control. There’s nothing for him to challenge anymore; he just needs to learn. He likes being mentored, and he wants to learn from Derek.

You’re also going to be on an episode of Necessary Roughness. You’re playing a basketball player who needs Dani’s help, right?

He does need Dani’s help, for sure. Dani comes in to save the day for us crazy, misguided, mental case athletes.

John Stamos and David Anders also joined the cast this season. Do you have any scenes together?

I do have some fun scenes with Stamos. He walks on water. I told him while we were working together, “You’re like the modern day Vincent Chase.” He said, “Like the guy from Entourage?” and I’m like, “Yeah.” And he goes, “I guess that’s true, huh?”

Everyone that was working, all of the extras on set, they look at him and they just want to say something about Full House. So he was filming a scene with Dani, and she calls out his name, and he says, “Bob Saget?” And everyone was dying. It was incredible. He knows he’s Uncle Jesse for everybody.

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