Teen Wolf Spoilers: Something Comes Up Between Scott and Allison
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Teen Wolf Spoilers: Something Comes Up Between Scott and Allison

Perhaps you’ve seen the sneak peek of Teen Wolf Season 3, Episode 7, “Currents” that’s playing on MTV. Um, it’s pretty awkward. Basically, Scott (Tyler Posey) and Allison (Crystal Reed) take up where they left off when she was in the shower — only the werewolf isn’t all dead-eyed and stalkerish. The two have been having a lot of near-reconciliation moments, or at least there are have been a couple times when they almost kissed; this is definitely the closest they’ve come, though.

In the clip, the pair are searching for something when Papa Argent (JR Bourne) returns. Rather than have a conversation with her dad, Allison and Scott duck into the nearest closet. It’s a tight fight, and having a hot hunter chick breathe on his face is a real turn on for Scott.

“What are you doing?” Allison asks her ex. “Nothing,” he replies, innocently. “Part of you is doing something,” she says, glancing down at his, ahem, nether regions.

Allison starts laughing, but then she realizes they could get all “Seven Minutes in Heaven” while waiting for her dad to vacate the premises. They’re about to kiss when the clip ends.

Nothing rekindles romance like being trapped in a confined place — unless you’re Isaac (Daniel Sharman).

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