On MTV’s Teen Wolf, Dylan O’Brien portrays the hilarious and endearing Stiles Stilinski. While Lydia doesn’t seem to understand just how adorable he is (seriously, what’s wrong with her?), we find ourselves crushing on him each and every week.

Luckily for Dylan, he’s got a mess of female fans who are much aware than Lydia. They love him so much, in fact, they can’t help but hope that Dylan is as single as Stiles in real life.

Well, we hate to break it to you ladies, but Dylan does indeed have a girlfriend. The actor recently dropped the bomb in an interview with Teen Vogue, though he didn’t confirm the identity of his lady love.

Many of Dylan’s fans have speculated that the actor’s been dating his First Time co-star Britt Robertson, and it’s starting to look like the rumors are true!

On Saturday, September 14, Dylan was spotted arriving at the Vancouver airport, where he was greeted by Britt. Britt — who was last seen in The Secret Circle and Under the Dome — is currently in town to film her new movie Tomorrowland alongside George Clooney.

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