Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: The Cast of Teen Wolf

The Teen Wolf cast members play high school students on the new MTV series, but just how old are the actors?

Tyler Posey, who plays fledgling teen wolf Scott McCall, is closer to college-aged at 19 years old. Tyler's on-screen best friend Dylan O'Brien (Stiles) is also 20 years old. Tyler Hoechlin, who plays the mysterious werewolf Derek Hale, is the oldest of the "teen" cast at 23 (he'll turn 24 on September 11!), and Colton Haynes (Jackson) is a close second at 23.

How old are Crystal Reed (Allison) and Holland Roden (Lydia)? We'd love to know, but their ages are unlisted on IMDb. Still, we'll assume they're older than their fictional counterparts.