Credit: MTV © 2011 and TM MTV Networks Photo: Scott Transforms Into a Werewolf in the Teen Wolf Pilot

Ever wonder why Scott (Tyler Posey) isn't quite as scary as the Alpha when he goes full wolf?

Executive producer Jeff Davis spilled to TV Guide, "The idea behind Scott's wolf look was to retain as much of his humanity as possible. [...] His look will progress the more he's able to control his powers. The most powerful werewolves in our mythology are the ones who can go beyond transforming into a monstrous-looking hybrid like the Alpha and can actually shift all the way into a normal-looking wolf. The ability to blend seamlessly into nature is what makes them particularly dangerous."

Unless Scott manages to dig up a cure in Season 2, expect a little less mountain man and a little more beast as the too-cute teen learns to harness his supernatural powers.

Source: TV Guide (August 15-28, 2011 issue)