Juan Pablo Galavis Tells Nikki Ferrell “I Love You” on Twitter!
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Tells Nikki Ferrell “I Love You” on Twitter!

Despite recent breakup rumors, everything seems to be coming up roses for The Bachelor Season 18’s Juan Pablo Galavis and girlfriend Nikki Ferrell. So rosy, in fact, that JPG finally made his love for Nikki public. Eeeeeeek!

El Bachelor celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday (August 5), and apparently Nikki made it one to remember because he tweeted “Thanks for such an SPECIAL day, GREAT dinner and TV watching with Camila... Te Quiero Mucho Mi Catira @Nikki_Ferrell…” For the Spanish challenged, that translates to “I love you very much my blonde.” Nikki tweeted back a row of winkey faces blowing kiss hearts. Awwwww.

Earlier that day Nikki hinted at their love by tweeting “Happy Birthday to my other half. Thank you for being an amazing, loving, and patient man.” Loving, eh? More info please, Nikki!

The pair have been together since filming wrapped on The Bachelor back in December of 2013, but audiences have only known the two as a couple since the show’s finale in March of 2014. During that Final Rose Ceremony, JPG famously (or infamously) didn’t propose to Nikki or tell her he loved her, opting instead to tell her he “liked her a lot” and would like to date her. Looks like that play worked out.

Though the two have remained fairly mum on the status of their love like since then, there have been hints on social media that the L-word has been dropped between them. In March he posted a youtube video of their romance set to the song Adventures in Loving You. Later that month he tweeted a photo of the couple captioned “Love is in the AIR.” While this latest tweet isn’t the first time JPG has told Nikki he loves her, it is the first open declaration of the full phrase “I love you” El Bachelor has issued in public. Do you know what this means? They’re Twitter official — finally!

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Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter, Nikki on Twitter