Tenley Molzahn Finally Opens Up About Kiptyn Locke Split
Tenley Molzahn Finally Opens Up About Kiptyn Locke Split
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Tenley Molzahn Finally Opens Up About Kiptyn Locke Split


It was kind of a bummer to hear that Bachelor Pad couple Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke split up, especially since it seemed they were destined to live happily ever after. And even though Tenley’s not letting their breakup hold her back from enjoying her life, it’s still sad to hear her talk about their relationship and subsequent split.

And in case you have questions, let Tenley answer them. When she was interviewed on a Spreecast show recently, she dished on where her relationship with Kiptyn stands today, and it definitely sounds like they parted on good terms.

“We’ll be friends forever,” Tenley said. “There’s a lot of love we have for each other. I mean, five years of being in each other’s lives, together, I think, officially for four of those five. We had one long break and now we’re not together anymore. But I think there’s a lot of love. I mean, he lives four blocks away from me. But we’ll always have a place for each other in our hearts, so we’ll be alright.”

“I think from day one, he and I really went off of what we really felt for each other,” she continued. “There’s a lot of love. We didn’t break up because there wasn’t love. It was just we weren’t taking that next step, and we ultimately both want that, and we just had to listen to whatever it was telling us that maybe that was it. How do you remove somebody that you love and you care for out of your life? That’s hard. But making room for other people.”

What’s sadder: A breakup where both parties hate each other, or one where the couple remains friends because they still love each other? Either way, we’re glad that Tenley seems happy. Onto the next relationship, maybe?

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