Teresa Giudice Calls Out Caroline Manzo’s Reunion Behavior: “She Hurt Me!”
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice Calls Out Caroline Manzo’s Reunion Behavior: “She Hurt Me!”

Teresa Giudice says she's proud of herself for remaining (relatively) calm during the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Reunion. But there was definitely something that Caroline Manzo did during the episode that Teresa feels went too far.

"Of all the Reunions I've ever been to, this one was the best," Teresa writes in her Bravo blog. "Compared to other years, I guess what I'm most proud of is how I didn't let other people upset me. That old table-flipping Teresa is long gone."

That said, Teresa was not completely impervious to the criticism at the reunion. "When Caroline said I didn't take the therapy in Arizona seriously and called me superficial, it hurt me," she says. "Who is she to call me superficial? She was there and saw that I was taking it seriously, that I was bonding with my brother, and that it was important to me."

"I went to Arizona with an open heart," Teresa says. "I was serious about working out our issues, and got a lot out of it. We all experienced something different out there. I don't pretend to know her intentions, but she pretends to know mine."

Teresa feels that Caroline has been "pretending" to be someone she's not this season. "She was trying to put out that she was this happy, changed person, but didn't embrace it as much as she pretended to, she didn't even go up on the high wire," Teresa says. "So I pointed that out [in my previous blog]," even though "it's this crazy, unwritten rule: no one is supposed to ever point out anything about her or her life. She can only talk about ours."

So will there be more Caroline-Teresa tension during this Sunday's Reunion Part 2. We don't doubt it!

Source: Teresa's Bravo blog