Teresa Giudice Fires Back: Caroline Manzo and I Didn’t End the Reunion Fighting!
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice Fires Back: Caroline Manzo and I Didn’t End the Reunion Fighting!

Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo shared some harsh words during Part 2 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Reunion, but according to Teresa, the two didn’t actually end the evening in a bad place.

So when Teresa found out that the reunion was edited to make things look like the two women were still at odds, she immediately took to her blog and Twitter to set things straight.

As the outspoken housewife tweeted, “Was with my girls last night & didn't see the Reunion ep. Heard it ended w/ arguing? WTH? Not true. We all ended so good. Xx.”

Teresa Giudice Fires Back: Caroline Manzo and I Didn’t End the Reunion Fighting!
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Anyone who watches reality TV usually understands that we get a bit manipulated by the editing process. And Teresa explained it all a bit more during an October 14 blog post.

“I'm sorry to say that we didn't close it out on the Reunion exactly how we did in real life,” Teresa wrote. “There's a lot of footage to go through since we taped for 15 hours, but happily we did end with a lot of love and peace and forgiveness. I'm really proud of everyone, myself included, for that. We've all been through a lot together, and I think we've all grown and learned from our mistakes.”

We’re not quite sure we’re buying the whole “peace and forgiveness” part entirely, especially since she used the remainder of her post to rip on Caroline Manzo about their conflicts. As she wrote in her post, “Caroline does a great job of putting words in other people’s mouths.”

Teresa also called out Caroline for trying to present a facade to others that her relationship with Albert is perfect.

“And I don't know why she took my comment as such a big deal though because it's not. All married couples fight,” Teresa wrote. “We all just don't work so hard to pretend we don't. That was my problem, that she's so quick to pass judgment on everyone else's marriage and finances and even our emotions, when she isn't honest about herself.”

Another bit of editing that Teresa took exception with is the fact that the show made it look like she brought up the “superficial” comment again with Caroline, when she wrote in her blog post this wasn’t so.

“Why it was moved to look like I brought it up again, like I was harping on it, is beyond me. I'm stumped! I wish they could've left the Reunion as it really was: we were all at peace with each other and happy.”

Either way, RHoNJ fans won’t be faced with any more Teresa/Caroline showdowns, as Caroline made her official exit and is working on her new Bravo pilot, Manzo’d With Children.

What do you think — did the housewives really end the season in peace?

Source: Teresa Giudice on Twitter, Teresa Giudice's blog