Teresa Giudice Is “Really Anxious” About Lake George Retreat (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice Is “Really Anxious” About Lake George Retreat (VIDEO)

It may have been Teresa Giudice’s idea to work through her problems with her brother and other family members and friends during a retreat to Lake George, N.Y., but just hours before the getaway is set to begin, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star admits that she's nervous about what the weekend may bring.

One other person who isn’t thrilled about a weekend in the mountains is Teresa’s husband, Joe Giudice. When Tre explains in a new sneak peek that during the retreat “relationship experts” will try and help the family communicate, Joe brings up the good point that Teresa and her brother had tried to communicate via a therapist last season, but that was unsuccessful.

Still, Teresa is determined to try again, and is even willing to put her own nerves aside

“I might seem really calm on the outside, but I’m really anxious on the inside,” she tells the Bravo cameras. “I feel like my brother and I are riding a rollercoaster and I just want this crazy f—ing ride to end. Hopefully we’ll become stronger than ever.”

Way to be optimistic, Tre!

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