Teresa Giudice Facing MORE Legal Trouble?
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Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice Facing MORE Legal Trouble?

Just when things couldn't seem to get much worse for Teresa Giudice, it looks like she may have another legal issue on her hands.

Model and TV personality Leyla Khoshbin says she is seeking legal action against Teresa because the name of Teresa's hair care line is too similar to that of her own.

Confusion arose last week when Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino posted a message on Instagram to thank Teresa for giving her gifts from her Milania Hair Care line, including a T-shirt and a few products.

The next day, Alexis took to Instagram again to thank Leyla who was a Deal or No Deal model for giving her a hair straightener from her Milani Hair line. (Apparently people love giving Alexis hair-related gifts.)

When Alexis then deleted the post to Teresa, some followers assumed that Alexis had somehow gotten confused by the strikingly similar names of the two lines. Not so, responds Alexis. "Leyla Khoshbin gifted me also!!!!" Alexis writes. "She is my good friend, and I love her products!!!"

Now, Leyla tells Hollywoodite that Teresa and her Milania Hair Care are infringing on Leyla's Milani Hair trademark. For the record, Teresa's line is named after her daughter.

"Teresa Giudice & her partner(s) are infringing on our registered trademark, ‘Milani Hair,’” Leyla says. “Since we are both in the hair care category, she is causing confusing in the market with her ‘Milania Hair Care’ line. She will be hearing from our attorneys." Oh, dear.

With Teresa and husband Joe already face 50 years in prison for federal fraud charges, she doesn't need one more issue to worry about.

Do you think Leyla makes a good point about the similar names? Or do you think that Teresa should keep the name?

Source: Hollywoodite