Teresa Giudice Shares Photos in Memory of Her Father-in-Law
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice Shares Photos in Memory of Her Father-in-Law

Frank Giudice, father of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Joe Giudice, left this world unexpectedly on June 18. But he left behind a huge family with so much love for him and many happy memories of his 63 years.

After the death of her father-in-law, Teresa Giudice thanked everyone for their prayers for the family. Gia Giudice, the eldest of Joe and Teresa’s four daughters, seems especially struck by the news, which comes at the same time that her parents face jail time for fraud charges. (Joe and Teresa’s sentencing was recently pushed back from July to September.)

But Joe and Teresa’s girls aren't Frank’s only grandchildren. Gia shared a photo with her grandfather after his death, but Teresa also shared a bunch of photos of Frank with the family, including the one above of Frank and Filomena Giudice with their 11 granddaughters. Eleven girls!

Here are more photos shared by Teresa on June 21:

Hopefully the Giudice family can get through this dark period and emerge stronger than ever. The battle is far from over, since Joe and Teresa still have to be sentenced, and either do jail time or take whatever punishment the court decides. In the meantime, they have been spending a lot of time with their daughters, who have been thrust into the middle of all this turmoil.

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Source: Teresa on Twitter