Did Teresa Giudice Want Kathy Wakile Demoted? She Says…
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Did Teresa Giudice Want Kathy Wakile Demoted? She Says…

The drama continues surrounding the rumored cast departures on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Some sources have claimed that Kathy Wakile will have a reduced role on Season 6, although that has yet to be confirmed, and Richard Wakile seems adamant that this isn't the case.

Now, the endless rumor mill around the casting has turned up the idea that Teresa Giudice has been wanting Kathy gone for quite some time, and might be part of the reason she has been demoted (if that's even true). So is there any truth to this new rumor?

Not so, Teresa says. "I never said I wanted Kathy demoted or would be happy if she was," Teresa tells RumorFix. "This is all lies."

Indeed, Teresa says she wants only good things to happen for Kathy. "I wish Kathy the best," she continues. "She’s my cousin, and of course I want the best for her.

This backs up what we've heard from the duo lately. "I’m glad to say that we’re better friends now," Kathy said a few months back. "We did a lot of talking, communicating, [shared] a lot of feelings to one another and understanding each other’s feelings because when we’re not listening to each other, it’s very easy to misunderstand what you are saying."

So do you think Teresa is actually hoping to have Kathy back on the show next season? Or is she just saying this to save face?

Source: RumorFix