Teresa Giudice Explains Why She and Joe Got the Girls a New Dog
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa Giudice Explains Why She and Joe Got the Girls a New Dog

Right now it's the heart of summer in New Jersey — and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere — but it's Christmastime on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6. On Episode 2, we saw Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice surprise their four daughters with the Christmas gift of a new puppy. It was especially cute after Tre’s toy dog fake-out. They wanted a real dog … and they got one!

We actually met little Bella via Twitter in real-time, back in December, when Teresa and her eldest daughter Gia were tweeting about their new family member (another girl — Joe is more outnumbered than ever!). But in her Episode 2 BravoTV blog, Teresa shared her reasoning for why she and Joe decided to adopt Bella at this time.

"Did you like our Christmas puppy surprise for our girls?" Teresa wrote. "We lost two dogs last year (Crystal and Maximus passed away), and they’ve been asking me for a little puppy for years. I wasn’t sure, but Gia was turning 13 so we thought she could handle the responsibility and she’s done a wonderful job. Bella is a Maltipoo. Her bed is in Gia’s room, but she takes turns sleeping with all of them. The girls have never been so excited for a present. Seeing their faces all lit up was everything to me and Joe."

And as we all know, Tre and Joe are feeling especially sentimental because they're facing jail time and a potential separation for the family. In December, they had yet to plead guilty to multiple fraud charges, but now they are in limbo, waiting to be sentenced in September. (The date was pushed back from July.)

Whatever happens, at least the family has little Bella to brighten their lives a bit. Pets just make everything better!

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