Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice says she’s holding up in the face of the possible jail time she and her husband are facing for fraud charges, but it may be because she doesn’t fully understand the charges.

When asked about this during an interview with E! Online, the RHoNJ star admitted that some of the lingo is difficult to grasp, saying, “Some of the charges I don’t understand. It’s not vocabulary I use every day.” She made sure to say, however, “I’m not in denial.”

She also claims she doesn’t want to be as tight-lipped with fans as she’s been on the charges but it’s mandated by her legal team.“I want to answer everyone’s questions, but I can’t. That day will come and it will be in court.”

Her new title should be “Queen of Spin,” as she handled the question about having anxiety over possible jail time like a pro.

“I’m not focusing on the negative,” she said, going into a whole spiel about how busy they are with all the girls’ sports and cheerleading, etc.

The formerly-fiery housewife even tried to turn the whole situation into a positive thing, saying, ‘I never knew how strong I was but I am a strong person.”

Is this whole attitude for real or just a facade? In a recent post, we noted that RadarOnline had enlisted body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass to give her two cents on what may have been going on if you read between the lines.

“When Teresa says, ‘I can’t fall apart. I have my daughters,’ her eye blinking and stammering may reveal that the opposite is true…that behind the cameras she may very well be falling apart,” Dr. Glass told Radar.

We did see a lot of stammering, that’s for sure, and heard an awful lot of “you knows” sprinkled throughout, but does that mean she’s on the edge of losing it? In the words of a New Jersey-ite, “tawk” to us.

Source: E! Online