Credit: Twitter

OMG, you guys, get ready to laugh out loud! This old-school photo of Teresa Giudice and her man, Joe Giudice, recently turned up on her Twitter page and it's a doozy! The Real Housewives of New Jersey mama is somewhat recognizable in the picture, but Juicy Joe looks like a teenager!

Credit: Twitter

One of Teresa's friends posted the image on her wall, asking Tre when the photo was taken.

"Our engagement photo.Xx," Teresa responded, adding, "at the beach."

The duo are wearing matchy-matchy outfits with white tops and khaki pants. Teresa is rocking her curly hair au naturale, while Joe actually has a boyish full head of hair. If it weren't for his squinty grin, we're not even sure we'd be able to tell that the man in this picture is Joe Giudice!

Teresa and Joe recently celebrated their 14-year anniversary as a happily married couple, which dates this picture back to the later part of the 1990s, long before the pair faced the legal woes they are facing today. For those who missed it, Joe and Teresa are currently in danger of spending up to 50 year in jail, after being charged with 39 counts of financial fraud.

Still, despite their less-than-perfect situation, Teresa recently told Star magazine that her marriage is better than ever.

"My marriage is actually stronger," Teresa claimed. "This has made us really focus and be grateful for what we have."

Here's hoping that the legal system is kind to the Giudice's and that they have another 14 years and more to look forward to!

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