Credit: Twitter

The holidays are always a chance to spend some quality time with family members, as Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is proving. 

Teresa took to Twitter on December 18 to share a photo of herself posing with her mom in front of a huge Christmas tree. "Holiday luncheon with my Mommy..." Teresa captions the cute shot. 

We love how the ladies look in this lovely photo! Teresa is looking chic in a black outfit, while her mom is quite fetching in that pale pink sweater and sparkly necklace. And it's great to see them smile!

We also adore the Christmas decorations on the stairwell, with the ribbon, pinecones, and branches that have been hung. 

Teresa and her mom appear to be quite close, as Teresa celebrated her mom's birthday in October 2013 by inviting her mom over and making meatballs for them all.

We think it's great that Teresa has time to spend with her mom over the holidays, especially given the stress that Teresa must be feeling about her soon-to-arrive court date in Febraury 2014 to face fraud charges

Are you glad that Teresa and her mom get to hang out together? 

Source: Teresa on Twitter