Aw, you guys, this is so sweet! Teresa Giudice's hubby, Joe Giudice, may come off as a little rough around the edges on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but when it comes to his daughters, he's obviously a big softie.

Teresa took to Twitter to share an endearing picture of Joe with his third-youngest daughter, Milania, and it's the cutest thing in the world.

"Milania dancing with her Daddy…," Teresa wrote next to the photo of Joe and Milania out on the dance floor.

Milania, who barely reaches Joe's chest, looks positively thrilled to be holding her father's hand, while Joe looks like the teary proud papa.

The Giudices celebrated New Year's Eve with all four of their daughters, who were decked out in their gold-themed holiday card outfits. Milania's look was especially cute with her princess gown and gold slippers.

Teresa and Joe have been racking up tons of family quality time and we're not surprised. The parents could end up having to spend precious years away from their gorgeous four daughters if things turn extra sour in their ongoing legal battle.

The couple was charged with 41 counts of financial fraud and could see a whopping 50 years behind bars if they are found guilty of all charges. We'd hate to see the girls lose their parents to prison at such a young age, so we really hope that 2014 brings happy news for the entire Giudice family… and many more father-daughter dances to come!

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