Credit: Twitter

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice stayed busy this weekend doing the same thing that a lot of parents were probably doing: Driving her kids to sporting events and cheering them on from the sidelines!

Teresa is nothing if not a supportive mom, as she proved with her packed weekend schedule with her daughters. Teresa started the morning at Gabriella's basketball game, then took Milania to cheerleading practice, and finally capped things off at Gia's cheerleading tournament. 

"At Gabriella's basketball game," Teresa tweeted, along with a photo (at left) of Gabriella participating in the game's action as she apparently tries to get open on the court. Way to stay on your toes out there, Gabriella!

Then, Teresa tweeted, "Took Milania to cheer practice and now at Gia's cheerleading competition..." Later that day, Teresa posted a photo of Gia being held in the air during a cheerleading routine, which Teresa captions, "Gia's cheerleading competitor team... Go Broncos!!!"

Whew! We're getting tired out just thinking of all the chauffeuring and applauding Teresa did that day. But it's great that Teresa makes time for all of her daughters, and we love that the girls have so many athletic interests.

Source: Teresa on Twitter