Credit: Twitter

It was a super birthday for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice's daughter Milania, who celebrated her eighth birthday on February 2, which was also Super Bowl Sunday. And all of Milania's family members were onhand to help her party!

Teresa posted numerous photos of the family's festivities, including the photo at left of the whole family gathered around Milania and her awesome cakes. "Happy 8th Birthday Milania!!!" Teresa captions the pic.

We seriously can't get over how amazing these gigantic, leopard-print cakes are, with one in the shape of a numeral eight, and the other looking like a handbag. Save us a piece, please!

Teresa posted a bunch of photos of her other daughters posing with Milania on her special day, including the one at right of Milania with Teresa and Audriana. "Audriana excited for Milania's Birthday," Teresa captions it.

Credit: Twitter

Teresa also posts a photo of Milania and Gabriella, writing about it: "Gabriella is the closest sister to Milania Happy 8th Birthday," Interesting!

And there's one of Milania and Gia, which Teresa captions, "Sisterly Love @TrueGia Happy 8th Birthday Milania..." There's also a pic of Milania posing with her godparents.

We wish Milania the happiest of birthdays, and we hope she has a stellar year to come.

What do you think of Milania's birthday celebration?

Source: Teresa on Twitter