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8 Terrible TV Boyfriends (PHOTOS)

So often TV shows feature absolutely exemplary men that make ordinary mistakes — your Shawn Hunters and Brandons Walsh, for example. But alas, for there to be valleys, there must be hills, and for our fantasy TV boyfriends to be good, we need some duds of unreal proportions. While some of these guys are violent villains, like our entry from Game of Thrones, some are maybe perfectly fine individuals outside of relationships, like our nominee from Freaks and Geeks, or our cheatin' pick from Orange Is the New Black.

Most, however, are just really sucky people. They're pager salesmen featured on To Catch a Predator. They print pillows with their own faces on them as half-assed "romantic" presents.

Sometimes they're aloof and oblivious — but on the flipside, sometimes they're just way too needy. Click through to see our picks for the worst TV boyfriends, and let us know if we missed your (least) favorite in the comments!