Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif’s New Show Botched — See the Trailer! (VIDEO)
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Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif’s New Show Botched — See the Trailer! (VIDEO)

Alright, we were admittedly a little skeptical about Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif’s new plastic surgery show, Botched. We know Terry and Paul pretty well at this point — Terry is Heather Dubrow’s hubby on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and Paul used to be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s not that we don’t like Terry and Paul, it’s just that spin-offs can just be super hit-or-miss. But now they’ve released a trailer and we’re prepared to eat crow because it looks amazing.

The purpose of the show is to repair bad plastic surgery, and it looks like the ladies they’re fixing up are going to be hilarious. “I went to get nipped and tucked,” one woman says, and points at her face (presumably at a botched facelift or similar). “I got nipped and f—ked.” Incredible.

Another man had us cackling when he says to his girlfriend, “I can’t see us long-term, because of your stupid boobs.” In the next clip, Terry delivers some bad news to a patient: “The implant is upside-down.” The implant! Is! UPSIDE-DOWN! The promo was peppered with shots of bizarre noses, drooping eyes, and, yes, stupid boobs. Each glimpse of plastic surgery disasters got us more excited for the show’s premiere.

Fortunately, we only have to wait another week or so. The show will be premiering Tuesday, June 24 on E!, at 9/8 c. We know we are definitely going to be watching.

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