Terry and Heather Dubrow: Why He Mentioned Divorce on Real Housewives
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Terry and Heather Dubrow: Why He Mentioned Divorce on Real Housewives

The couples on Real Housewives of Orange County each have their own dynamic. Terry and Heather Dubrow always seemed solid if full of her eye-rolls at his jokes. In Season 8, Episode 6, Terry admitted that he threw out the “D” word — aka, divorce.

“Terry’s been in the dog house,” Heather says before they head to a wine-tasting weekend with the group. During a meal, they start talking about why Terry hasn’t been supportive of her guest spot on Hot in Cleveland.

Terry admits to everyone gathered at the table, “Rather than be there, supportive … sometimes I’m a little goofy.” As Heather tried to explain that it was more than that — she was annoyed that he doesn’t co-parent with her very much — Terry felt the need to give more of the backstory.

Because she didn’t accept his apology, Terry said, “I said some things. … It’s sort of like the worst thing you can say. I used the “D” word.”

Embarrassed that something so private was brought up in front of the group, Heather tears up. “I’ve given up a lot for our family,” she tells their friends. “I want what I give.”

We were surprised that things got so serious for the couple — and that they discussed it so openly at the wine tasting.

Later he apologized. “I know you’re sorry, and I know you love me.” She admitted that she knows he doesn’t want to divorce her, but he said it to hurt her.

In the end, they agreed to hit the “pause” button on the conversation.