Zooey Deschanel on Thanksgiving: “I Don’t Like Beige Food”
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Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel on Thanksgiving: “I Don’t Like Beige Food”

If you’re planning on inviting Zooey Deschanel over for Thanksgiving, you better rethink your menu. This New Girl isn’t too into the holiday’s traditional favorites, like turkey and mashed potatoes.

“I love Thanksgiving for the family togetherness,” Zooey said when she stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 11. “I don’t love the food, which is what most people love. I understand it’s controversial.”

Yikes! As far as some hardcore Thanksgiving fans are concerned, Zooey might as well have said she hates puppies and ice cream. While she does love the holiday season, Zooey’s just a bit of a Chandler Bing when it comes to Turkey Day.

And when Jimmy pointed out that most people hate their families and love the food, Zooey pointed out that she loves her family, but does not like the food. Having a hard time understanding how this is even possible? Zooey’s gonna spell it out for you.

“Let me just lay it out,” she said. “Most of it’s beige or grey, which I just don’t find appetizing. So you have turkey, which is beige. Stuffing: beige. Mashed potatoes: off-white. I mean, pumpkin pie is like, orange-beige. It’s a lot of beige. I just really don’t like beige food.”

And it’s not just the color — it’s the food itself, too. “Stuffing is just like, salty, wet, soggy bread,” she rationalized. “I’d rather have, like, a piece of bread that’s not salty or wet.”

Well, when you put it that way…

“I’m not, like, against turkey, but if we’re talking about poultry,” she said, “chicken and duck are better, I’m sorry. Chicken’s, like, a lot better.”

She will eat turkey under one condition, though.

“You just have to get the greatest cook in your family to spend all their time on the turkey, and that never happens,” she said. “I’m behind fried turkey and smoked turkey.”

We’ve got a feeling that when Christmas rolls around, Zooey will be way more enthusiastic about cookies and candy canes. At least, we hope so! Gingerbread houses seem totally up her alley.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

11.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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