That Time Norman Reedus Got a Breast Implant From a Crazy Walking Dead Fan…
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The Walking Dead

That Time Norman Reedus Got a Breast Implant From a Crazy Walking Dead Fan…

As you know, a bunch of The Walking Dead cast will be on Katie Couric’s talk show on Friday, October 18. The always handsome Norman Reedus, who plays crossbow-wielding badass Daryl Dixon, will be among the hit TV show’s stars in attendance, and he got some special attention from Katie because he’s such a huge fan favorite.

As you'll see in the video below, Katie bemusedly lists some of Norman's character Daryl’s rabid fan groups with names like Dixon’s Vixens, Daryl’s Dolls, and Norman’s Nymphos. After she rattles off the names, Norman snickers in response, “There’s dirtier ones than those.” (We actually fact-checked this one and it’s true, but we’ll let you find those for yourself!)

Norman goes on to reveal his weirdest fan gift from a (clearly) crazed fan: a breast implant, which he currently uses as a phone cradle in his trailer in Georgia, because naturally. The backstory goes a little something like this: “[The fan] said I seemed depressed and I should take [the breast implant] to feel better.” Ah, that makes perfect sense!

So what did the 44-year-old actor do when he opened the package with a breast implant in it? He chucked it at costar Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee), who was in the middle of filming interviews with international press. And this is precisely why we love Norman Reedus.

Norman also did a little theorizing about what he thinks is appealing about The Walking Dead, “I think [The Walking Dead] is a lot about, um, y'know everyone’s infected. Your clock is ticking and time is important — and who do you want to be? Like, what do you stand for? And these are your two feet on the ground, and what are you going to fight for? And what are you going to give up? I think that’s the story that draws people in.”

He continues, “[The zombie] is not just the monster, but you see the dying, lost person behind the monster, and I think that’s the scary part.”

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