Thatcher Grey’s Young Love and More OMG Moments From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 14
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Grey's Anatomy

Thatcher Grey’s Young Love and More OMG Moments From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 14

Not all OMG moments need to be gun rampages, ferry accidents, or deer rescues. This episode of Grey's Anatomy had a fair number of twists that were mellow but surprising never the less. Here are our 5 favorites from Season 7, Episode 14: "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)."

Ellis lives on.
Who could have guessed that four seasons after her death, Ellis Grey's legacy would still be influencing the lives and careers of the Seattle Grace doctors to such a great degree? Thanks to her compulsive note-taking, Meredith and Richard have an insight into her brilliant mind. It's almost like she's curing diabetes from the grave... and now we've just creeped ourselves out thinking about Zombie Ellis.

Guy slingshots self into wall.
We wish we could say that this was a far-fetched storyline, but unfortunately, the Internet is chock-full of human slingshot videos. Check any one of them out, and once you recover from the vicarious whiplash, you'll be amazed by the stupidity of the participants. Like the doofuses in this episode, one of whom got himself smashed up real good. To riff on Pink Floyd, his brain should be just another brick in the wall.

Callie rocks the vote.
Deprived of her precious caffeine and fed up with the antics of the non-pregnant parents-to-be, Callie decides to shake up the electoral system. She gave both her fetus and her, um, vajayjay a vote in any and all decisions. And since it's her body doing all the work, who could argue with her logic? Let's hear it for women-part's suffrage!

Jackson stays mum.
No one's saying he's a knight in shining armor. In fact, he's about as imperfect as the rest of the docs. But we learn in this episode that Jackson can be decent and chivalrous, even at the cost of high-profile surgeries. Luckily for him, Mark let him off the hook, but Jackson was willing to sacrifice his standing amongst the residents in order to keep Lexie's confessions private. Well played, sir.

Thatcher has young love.
No one was more shocked than Lexie when her father showed up at Seattle Grace Mercy West with a girlfriend on his arm her own age. Imagine if your parent started dating a contemporary of yours, and you'd get a whiff of the icky-ness. But we have just one question: what's the proper term for Thatcher? Man-cougar? Manther?

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