The 10 Best Quotes from DWTS Season 11

Dancing With The Stars

The 10 Best Quotes from DWTS Season 11

It's already time for the Dancing with the Stars Season 11 finale. Can you believe it? (Sniff!) Let's relive some of our favorite quotes from the past nine weeks:

10. Bruno [to Audrina on Week 5]: Don't be plastic, be fantastic!
Or Bristol will accuse you of being "fake," unlike her.

9. Lacey [on Week 3]: Who are the Eagles? Wait, the Eagles are like the Beatles, right?
Kyle: Well, Beatles are insects and Eagles are birds.
And they're all going to attack you for your musical ignorance.

8. Mark [to Bristol on Week 7]: We just need to keep improving. And then you can be the dark horse, maybe. The Bristallion!
It's looking like this was a scarily prescient statement.

7. Jennifer [on Week 1]: Patrick [Swayze] was one of the most fearless people I'd ever met. So I'm going to try really hard to go out there and be the kind of person that he was.
Mission accomplished!

6. Florence [on Week 1]: Stay interested. Stay interesting. Don't be boring. Okay, Len?
Yep, this is what you call a Mama Brady smackdown. It's on!

5. Bristol [on dancing to "Mama Told Me (Not To Come)" on Week 1]: It's like Levi and my's relationship — Mama told me not to do it, but I did it anyways.
Well, doggone it, it's working for her so far.

4. Len [to Florence on Week 5]: I wish I was a sexy senior.
Awww, princess! We still love you.

3. Maksim [on Week 7]: Actually, I've been in the finals three times, thank you, Brooke.
Should've been four, man. Should've been four...

2. Tony [to Audrina on Week 2]: If this routine does not get three 8s, I'll go and wax my legs.
And if Bristol wins the Mirror Ball he's going to shave his head

1. Len [to The Hoff on Week 1]: It's never too early to panic.
Turns out, Grumpy was right ... for once.

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11.17.2010 / 08:33 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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