The 10 Biggest OMG Moments From The Secret Circle Season 1
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The Secret Circle

The 10 Biggest OMG Moments From The Secret Circle Season 1

The Secret Circle is officially dead to the world, but this season's OMG moments will always live on in our hearts. Check out the 10 biggest jaw-droppers to come out of Chance Harbor, including Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Cassie's (Britt Robertson) freaky love making!

1. Nick Dies in Episode 5 "Slither"
We’re still in shock over Nick’s (Louis Hunter) untimely death. When Charles (Gale Harold) first started drowning him, all we could think was “limp hair coif, limp hair coif,” but once we realized boyfriend was deader than the day is long, there were more tears in our eyes than in the puddle he drowned in. Thanks Kevin Williamson. We’ll be wearing black for years because of you.

2. Adam and Diana Do It in Episode 5 "Sliter"
There’s nothing like a shirtless hipster making sweet love in a pair of black skinny jeans. Adam and Diana’s (Shelley Hennig) sex was frisky, poetic, and downright dirty. Let’s go through this tender luvin’ one scene at a time: 1) Diana straddles Adam. 2) Diana licks whipped cream off Adam’s neck. 3) Adam sprays whipped cream all over her chest. 4) Diana and Adam have a gleeful tickle fight and end up rolling around in the bed in their panties. 5) Adam quivers.

3. Cassie and Adam Kiss, We Yawn in Episode 11 "Fire/Ice"
After rejecting Adam about three times in one single episode, Cassie finally relented to his withering good looks and emo charm, and allowed him to touch her with his puckered lips. The kiss was magical and sweet, aside from the fact that it took place in a filthy basement filled with spiderwebs and ghosts (one assumes).

4. Jake’s Eyes Tear Up, We Weep Copiously in Episode 12 "Witness"
Before we get into the emotional upheaval that we experienced when Jake (Chris Zylka) rehashed his tragic memories, let’s get one thing straight: Studs don’t cry. Jake’s eyes teared, not to be confused with Adam’s eyes, which perpetually leak fluid and mascara. If you’re like us, you re-watched this emotional scene about 10 times while weeping into a pint of ice cream.

5. Dawn and Charles Kiss... We Remain Horrified In Episode 10 "Darkness"
It was with a tear in our eyes and an upset stomach that we watched Dawn Chamberlain (Natasha Henstridge) lock lips with our soul-mate, Charles Meade. Poor guy probably hasn’t felt the touch of a woman’s lips for more than a decade (lord knows his wife didn’t let him touch her), and he was clearly stunned to be smooched by his biggest crush. The kiss was romantic, lingering, slow-motion, and zoomed, but all in all, it left us seasick.

6. Adam and Cassie Have Sex, a Flock of Seagulls Peep on Them in Episode 16 "Lucky"
You know you're having hot sex when a bunch of birds swarm your house to get in on the action, right? Wrong. Adam and Cassie's sweet love making was overdue, but it was also completely horrible. Let's break this thing down: After a day filled with tearful manmotion, Adam heads over to Cassie house, where she promptly tells him that she almost killed his dad. Total turn on, so Adam drops the L-word, grabs her butt and proceeds to peel off his shirt. As the camera pans away, birds swarm the roof while Adam presumably cries all over Cassie's boobs inside. We've always had a feeling pigeons were total perverts.

7. Adam Unleashes His Inner Feminist in Episode 18 "Sacrifice"
In arguably our favorite Secret Circle moment of all time, Adam spends his evening flirting with Kyle (the most popular boy at school) and gets all jazzed up about women's rights. After punching Kyle in the face, Adam proceeds to have a full-blown breakdown about the tragic nature of love in his dad's basement, which is pretty much what we do on a daily basis. Welcome to the other side, Adam. Someone invite this boy to a slumber party.

8. Diana Is Cassie's Secret Sister in Episode 19 "Crystal"
After weeks of wondering who John Blackwell's secret love child is, we finally learned the truth! Turns out Diana isn't the goody-two-shoes we know and love — she has dark magic coursing through her veins and she might go crazy with a bunch of elderberry sticks at any moment. Of course, the most important part about this revelation is that both Cassie and Diana have made sweet, hipster love to Adam. Talk about sibling rivalry!

9. John Blackwell Impregnates Ladies In Episode 21 "Prom"
If you thought Jake was a super-stud, prepare to have your mind blown by John Blackwell (Joe Lando). Not only did this dude manage to knock up two sexy sweet sixteenagers — he sowed his magical seed into all the ladies in his Circle by encouraging them to sex up their boyfriends sans protection. Then again, this was the ‘90s. No one had even heard of condoms back then.

10. Charles Makes a Failed Suicide Attempt in Episode 22 "Family"
Everyone stop what you're doing (cutting v-necks into all your t-shirts), Charles Meade tried to kill himself. From what we can tell, someone read him the classic children's rhyme "nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I guess I'll go eat worms" and he lost it completely. We'll be forever haunted by the image of Charles' wormy, comatose face — but his memory will always live on in our fanfiction.

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