Credit: Courtesy Kalon McMahon Photo: Kalon McMahon and Girlfriend Sam Kalil

Kalon McMahon made quite an impression on both The Bachelorette Season 8, and Bachelor Pad 3, first as the bad boy, and then as the mellowed lover. Now, Kalon’s life looks a whole lot different, and he talked to Wetpaint Entertainment about moving on from his BP3 ex Lindzi Cox, moving away from California, and starting a new business.

The last we heard, Kalon was working with Give Bones and living in Los Angeles. He had broken up with Lindzi before spring, and was living the life. But since then, he’s headed back to Texas, where he’s been for about two months. But he didn’t move alone! “I have an amazing girlfriend,” Kalon tells Wetpaint. So, who is this girl?

“Her name is Sam,” Kalon tells us of the one he met during a random encounter. “I was living in Manhattan Beach, hanging out lost in Santa Monica, and Sam was in town for a basketball tournament in February or so. Her family is all diehard University of Arizona fans, so she goes to all the Wildcat games. We were both out with friends, and we have some mutual friends. We met at a place called Bungalow, and just instantly hit it off.”

Credit: Courtesy Kalon McMahon

And as for the Bachelorette of it all, Kalon tells Wetpaint that it didn’t even really come up — at least, not at first. She had no idea for the first couple weeks. Then she invited me to a work event, and these younger girls were coming up to me to take pictures. And she was finally like ‘Okay, who the f— are you?!’ But I totally thought I busted her, because I saw she was following Jef Holm on Twitter, and so I joked about her having a crush on him. But apparently she only watched the last three episodes. I was like ‘Don’t you know who I think I am?’”

Kalon was infamous for talking about Emily’s “baggage” in the form of daughter Ricki, but Sam will probably not see the light of that, since she refuses to watch those episodes.

Eventually, Kalon and Sam headed to Texas, after seeing a business called Surfset on Shark Tank, and getting inspiration to take the idea to Cypress, near his hometown of Houston. “I always knew I’d end up back in Texas, but I wasn’t sure where. My girlfriend’s sister is in Cypress, too, with her husband. He’s actually my business partner,” Kalon explains of the move. Now, they’ve started the California surfboard-based fitness studio in the Houston suburb, and he has plans to open more.

Credit: Courtesy Kalon McMahon Photo: Sam Kalil, Kalon McMahon, Ashley and Kevin Smith

The family affair — both Sam and her sister are trainers at the studio — was a homerun (sorry, wrong sport, but whatever) right away, and Kalon isn’t surprised. “I realized the market would be good for this because they love the California lifestyle,” the entrepreneur points out.

Still, his life isn’t without conflict. “My girlfriend has her own baggage, actually: An eight-year-old.” Come again, K? But don’t worry, guys, things haven’t  changed that much. “It’s her dog,” he laughs. Funny, pal, but sounds like everything is going swimmingly!

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