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Sean Lowe has so many secrets up his sleeves. Oh, wait  — he doesn't wear sleeves, so the secrets just exploded all over the internet! This dude might seem like an all-American superhero, but there's more to him than meets the eye. Sean dished his 25 biggest secrets to Us Weekly, and we've rounded up our 10 favorites. By which we mean the 10 most cray-cray.

1. I unloaded trucks full of adult diapers as my summer job.

2. I must clean my ears with Q-Tips after showering.

3. I eat 18 egg whites each day.

4. I watch more HGTV than any man should.

5. I am the world's greatest recorder player.

6. I frequently see movies by myself.

7. I don't like to talk while eating breakfast.

8. My mother's meatloaf is the best.

9. In high school, I shook terribly during my public speaking class.

10. I love indie films.

So, what have we learned? Sean is an egg-addict who has a thing for adult diapers. We feel... weird.

Source: Us Weekly