Credit: Instagram

AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack are our favorite new couple in Bachelor Nation, and they’ve wasted no time in going from a cute flirty pair to the It couple. In fact, the two are so set in their increasingly awesome relationship, they’re already planning wedding... dates. Um, like, going. To weddings. Together. And with summer coming, we have no doubt they’re going to be all over the scene.

Credit: Instagram

On May 18, Capital L tweeted a pic of herself in a gorgeous print cocktail-length dress joined by a dashing Brad in a dark suit, white shirt, and tie. The two posed with the bride and groom, and we have to say that if we were BFF with Ash, we wouldn’t let her near us, because that girl GLOWS.

“We had the best time. Congrats to my great friends! Xoxo @ericalsherman@vadimsherman @gbedre#beautifulbride #awesomegroom #loveit#success,” AshLee captioned the group shot.

And before you go into a hate spiral maxing out your credit cards to get a booty like that, we highly recommend you just invest in the dress (
details here), a pair of Spanx, and maybe a PhotoShop program... Or, you know, just don’t stand near her in pictures.

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