Credit: Facebook Photo: Jessie Sulidis and Jordan Henry's Engagement 5/18/13

It’s not every day you get to go to Jamaica with your gorgeous boyfriend — and fly home engaged! But for Bachelor Pad alumna Jessie Sulidis, that’s exactly what happened the weekend of May 18. The Toronto native and her hockey playing beau, Jordan Henry, flew down to Jamaica for a romantic getaway that turned into a vacation they’ll both certainly remember.

Credit: Facebook Photo: Jessie Sulidis Shows Off Her Ring and Rose 5/18/13

“Jordan is really romantic. He’s the more sensitive one in our relationship,” Jessie tells Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively about her brand new fiance. So, how did her super romantic, sensitive pro athlete make the big move? Well, the setting helped.

“He reserved the Candlelight Dinner table for us with a private table on a beach, and our own butler. There was a rose on the table, a special menu... It was almost like a Bachelor date. In fact, I was like ‘Is this a 1-on-1 date? Am I getting sent home?’” the Canadian gal dished about the perfect backdrop for the big moment.

But it gets even more intense and romantic than that. “He pulled out a poem he wrote. And we like to write letters to each other. So, I was reading it and then I looked over and he got down on his knee and recited the last two paragraphs from memory. And then he said, ‘Jessie now in perfect harmony, will you marry me?’”

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Excuse us while we ugly-cry into our white wine. “It never happens, but I was speechless. And he said the look on my face was, just, shocked,” Jessie says of her reaction. “I grabbed the ring from the box without thinking. And then I was like ‘Oh, shoot, you’re supposed to put it on my finger.’” Ha!

So, was she surprised? Well, although Jessie reveals that the couple picked out the ring from a jeweler in Toronto together back in February, she didn’t see it coming. “Some of my family and friends were like ‘He’s definitely going to do it in Jamaica,’ but I thought maybe he would wait for our one-year anniversary, which is in two weeks.

The pair first met on St. Patrick’s Day in 2012 when Jordan’s hockey team was playing in Toronto and he and his team happened to be in the same bar as Jessie and a girlfriend. After that, the two stayed in touch via Skype and visits, becoming official when they took a trip with Jessie’s Bachelor Season 14 pal Gia Allemand and her boyfriend, pro basketball player Ryan Anderson.

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With Jordan’s busy hockey schedule, and Jessie’s new position as head of her parents’ cosmetics company in Toronto, they’ve had to take extra strides to spend time together. The emerald-cut diamond on Jessie’s hand is a perfect reminder that sometimes, a little extra work is worth it to find the love of your life.

Congratulations, Jessie and Jordan!

And for more details on their upcoming nuptials — plus some of Jessie's thoughts on your (least?) favorite Bachelor folks — check in with Wetpaint Entertainment later this week!