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If there was one word to describe The Baby Bachelor, Jimmy Kimmel’s new segment based on the ABC show, it would be.... perfect. There is literally not a single thing we would do differently had we been the geniuses who came up with this concept. On the segment, Jimmy’s nephew Wes looks for love among his tyke lady suitors. It’s as adorable as it sounds.

In the second episode, aired earlier this week, the sandbox ladies hit up a group date featuring a tea party, some playtime, and — just like on the real Bachelor — a little bit of territory marking. Yep, between the snot-smearing, side-eyeing, and temper tantrums, we felt like we were right back on Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor. And, of course, we have Tierra LiCausi to thank for that.

In the clip, contestant Jessie fools Wes into thinking she’s a charmer, but the ladies aren’t so easily duped. While Jessie is busy throwing chairs and shade in equal proportions in group settings, Wes gets led around by a few other temptresses. Unfortch for some of the girls, though, there’s the little problem of timing. Some ladies just don’t know when to say “I love you” and when to keep their cool. Toddlers, guys. They’re so needy.

Check out the clip and try not to be delighted, we dare you.

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Credit: JimmyKimmelLive Photo: The Baby Bachelor Episode 2: Group Date