Credit: Splash News/Clover Canyon

Kim Kardashian and her baby bump are used to being the center of attention, but this week, it’s her little sister Khloe Kardashian who we just can’t stop talking about. On May 29, Khloe stepped out in New York City wearing a gorgeous rainbow-colored mini dress.

Credit: Splash News/Clover Canyon Photo: Khloe Kardashain in Clover Canyon

Naturally, our first instinct was to head over to and see if fashion expert Dana Weiss had the inside scoop on Khloe’s eye-catching mini.

Sure enough, Possessionista identifies Khloe’s dress — which she wore during an appearance on the TODAY show — as a Clover Canyon design. It’s available online at ShopBop.

The slim Kardashian sib isn’t the only reality TV beauty who’s been spotted wearing Clover Canyon lately. Only a few weeks ago, former Bachelorette contestant AshLee Frazier attended a wedding with boyfriend Brad Womack in another Clover Canyon design.

In case you need some help getting caught up with the ever-changing love lives of the former Bachelor contestants, AshLee is the Texas cutie who 2013 Bachelor Sean Lowe eliminated in the second-to-last episode of his season. She’s since moved on to dating two-time Bachelor Brad Womack, who headlined the show’s 2007 and 2011 years. 

Credit: AshLee Frazier on Instagram/Clover Canyon

But enough about her man. On to that dress! AshLee’s Clover Canyon design is from the summer/pre-fall 2013 collection. While the colors aren’t nearly as bold and rainbowy as Khloe’s dress, the pattern is just as fun.

You’ve seen the two outfits, now we’re dying to know which one you like best. Is AshLee’s wedding attire your ultimate fave, or do you like Khloe’s kaleidoscope of kolor best of all? Head below and sound off.

Source:  PossessionistaShopBopClover Canyon