Credit: Instagram Photo: Lesley Murphy and Boyfriend Wade Kiss While Waterskiing 6/13

Lesley Murphy might have been rejected by Sean "Look At My Nipples" Lowe during his season of The Bachelor, but homegirl has found love in a hopeless place. In fact, she's head-over-heels in love with sexy Dallas-native boyfriend Wade!

Lesley and Wade have only been dating for a few months, but they're happier than ever (Lesley was recently spotted rocking a sparkly piece of bling on her ring finger....), and it looks like they've taken their 'ship to the next level. By making out while doing extreme sports, duh.

Credit: Instagram

It's no secret that Lesley loves herself some sports (we don't get it either — someone pass the Doritos), but our jaws are dropping all over the place thanks to this picture of her and Wade making out while water skiing. In tandem.

Um, most people can barely keep themselves from drowning while doing this stunt — but skiing and tonsil hockey? So many water sports, so little time.

We're thrilled that Lesley and her man are still going strong, and Chris Harrison would be so proud of her vaguely dangerous romantic jaunts. Lord knows this Bachelor host loves nothing more than watching his victims risk their lives in the name of a good makeout session.

Source: Instagram