Melissa Rycroft might have been completely blindsided by Jason Mesnick when he broke up with her on live television and asked out Molly Malaney, but fear not. Girlfriend has more than moved on with her hunky husband, Tye Strickland.

Melissa and Tye met at a friend's birthday party before she was cast on The Bachelor, and reconnected after Melissa was ousted from Jason's sister-wife hive. This happy couple got hitched in Mexico on December 12, 2009, welcomed their daughter Ava into the world two years later, and guess what? They're still completely in love.

So, how do Melissa and Tye keep their love flame burning? "You keep it spicy by keeping the fun in the relationship but also kinda making time for just you two," Melissa explained during a recent video blog. "I don't think it's any secret that you have to work at it much harder once the kiddos come, and the family comes, and the jobs become overwhelming. But you make it a priority, we try to remember why we like each other at the end of the day."

Of course, Jason also shared his thoughts on the matter. "Sometimes it's difficult," he said, "staying friends through the ups and downs."

Real talk, buddy. But don't worry, despite the fact that Melissa and Tye argue as much as any other married couple, they always bounce back. "He's my best friend," Melissa said while batting her eyes at Tye. "As mad as I get at him (and I do!), and as mad as he gets at me, remember that you're gonna have days when you wake up and don't like each other. That's normal. That's marriage."

We'll keep this advice in mind when Chris Harrison finally gets his head in the game and puts a ring on our collective finger.

Source: YouTube