He may coach single people on their quest for love on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but host Chris Harrison doesn't have to look very far — or high — for the love of his life.

The recently single father of two — Joshua, 11, and Taylor, 9 —told People that his 2-year-old Havanese is the perfect partner for him. "Baxter is the love of our life." That's right, folks. Chris loves his dog! "I was never a small-dog person, but I am now," he reveals.

But finding the perfect pooch was just as hard as the reality series that he hosts. Since his son Joshua suffers from severs allergies, the search for the perfect dog was an epic adventure. "He went through shots so he could have a dog — that's how determined he was to get one," Chris says. "I told him, 'If you get your allergy shots, you can do this.' He went through all the pain." Sounds like Joshua was in it for "the right reasons."

On the search for a hypoallergenic dog that Joshua could be around, Chris realized that he could open his heart to small dogs as well as big ones, especially when he found the Havanese puppy, a tiny breed that originated in Cuba.

Perhaps what helps Chris with the small dog is that Baxter has a HUGE personality. "I will say that he's a small dog that plays like a big dog," Chris said. "It's a tough, small dog." How adorable is Chris Harrison?

Source: PeoplePets.com

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