Credit: Stephen Smith/Imaginare NYC

Bachelor Sean Lowe is a sunny-side-up kinda guy, and he can find the silver lining in even the darkest cloud. But seriously, would you sit down with your fiancée and watch a video of your ex dumping you — about a year after the fact?

Maybe that’s the wrong thing to take away from this otherwise positive tweet Sean shared on July 25: “@clmgiudici and I just watched the bachelorette episode where I go home. Just goes to show that God's plans for me are greater than my own.”

Apparently it wasn’t as awkward on their end. Do you think Catherine Giudici just wanted to be there to comfort him as he relived Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s post-Overnight Date dumping? Or maybe she wanted to laugh and say, “Your loss, Em!” It’s good that they can see the big picture of how that sad moment led to their happiness, but… if they get that bored on Thursday nights they can just try Project Runway.

Seriously, though, we’re curious to see what The Big Guy has planned for Sean and Catherine in the coming year. We never imagined Sean would shimmy his way onto Dancing With The Stars, but we hope the plan still includes a wedding next year. Just don’t become the next Emily and Jef Holm, please!

Source: Twitter