Remember Zack Kalter? He only made it to The Bachelorette Season 9, Episode 4, but one of the magical properties of Bachelor Nation is an instant boost in popularity just for showing up. So now he’s flirting with fans on Twitter and Snapchat and seeming to feel just fine in the post-Desiree Hartsock world. (See James Case? You don’t have to make it to the final four to reap the bennies.)

On July 29, the non-penguin Zack started tweeting about his photo/video shares: “Making my way through my snapchats. I’ll try to open them all and respond to as many as I can :)”

A fan named Aubrie replied, “still haven't opened mine!! #doitnow #pleaseandthankyou.” Another said, “respond to mine! Please 😉.” Zack is apparently a little too popular for his own good and he was flooded with Snaps. “So I’m not sure about the snapchat max because it will only show a set number of snaps and I think others are getting pushed out,” he wrote.

Did you have any idea he was this beloved? Actually, we kinda did, since he apparently inspired some in-house man crushes too. After Episode 4, a show insider spilled to Wetpaint Entertainment that the other guys were shocked when Zack went home. “They didn’t get the elimination at all,” the source said. “He was cool and fun and he seemed to get plenty of time with Des. Not all of that was shown on the episode, though. So it didn’t make a lot of sense [for him to be sent home]. The reaction among everyone was, ‘Damn, she’s getting rid of all the good guys!’”

Well, Des’s loss is Spapchat’s gain. If you want to flirt with Zack K., try Snapchat and add Zak under the username “zackkalter.” And maybe consider sharing something more original than a duckface.

Source: @ZackKalter