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Oh, Brooks Forester. What are we supposed to do with you?

Desiree Hartsock’s favorite guy had some ‘splainin’ to do last night on part one of the most dramatic two-part Bachelorette finale ever. While some viewers sympathized with Brooks for the decision to recognize he wasn’t in love and walk away before he hurt Des even more, others — especially Des’s fellow Season 17 contestants— broke out the torches and pitchforks.

Catherine Giudici, who is engaged to the last guy Des wanted to marry, tweeted during the July 29 show: "Ughhhhhhhhhh. I can't stand to see Des go through this."

Des’s fellow Sean Lowe reject, Lesley Murphy, wrote, "#curveball," then added, "Brooks just broke the Guinness World Record for Biggest Douchelord,” and ended with "#TeamDes."

Lindsay Yenter, whose shoeless walk-off on Sean’s finale is really how we should all react to being dumped, tweeted, “I hate seeing my friends cry... @DesHartsock love you! #TheBachelorette 😢” She added a diss to Brooks, “I could throw a shoe at him right. now. 👠 #TheBachelorette” and applause for Des’s hotness, “Oh a side note... @DesHartsock your body looks AMAZING!! #TheBachelorette.”

Yep, if there’s anything that can heal a woman’s broken heart it’s realizing she looks dang good, even when sobbing.

Everyone deserves friends fighting in their corner like this, but Des has said over and over that she’s still in love with Brooks. If Brooks comes back next week and wins Des over, will these friends jump in and say “jk about calling you Biggest Douchelord, man”?

What would you want for Des, if you were one of her close friends?

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