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Desiree Hartsock is mid-heartbreak right now on The Bachelorette 2013, but in real life, she’s already thinking about the future. Whose future, you ask? Oh, just one of her great exes, whom she thinks would be a totally awesome Bachelor for the 2014 season. But it’s not one of the ones still hanging around, waiting to hear what she’s gonna do in the Season 9 Finale. It’s Zak Waddell.

The Texas native is beeeeeeeyoooootiful and hilarious and loves to sing a little ditty when called upon to express himself. And what’s more, he was eliminated fourth — just as Des was on The Bachelor 17. “The slot worked out for me,” Des told People in a recent interview. “He'd be the best.”

Well, duh, but why does the current Bachelorette think her ex would be right for the job? Last we saw him on “Men Tell All,” he was still pretty glum about being dumped. “He's fun. He's thoughtful and he's ready [to fall in love and get married], which is key,” Des explains of her reasoning for picking the shirtless wonder.

Oh yeah, and it’s not like she’s thinking only with her ring finger. She knows America’s got needs, and she thinks Zak is just the man to fulfill every stinkin’ one of ‘em. “We definitely need a Bachelor who is willing to get naked to find love!”


Source: People

Credit: YouTube Photo: Bachelorette 2013 Finale Promo: Does Desiree Hartsock End Up Alone?