The 27 women trying to win the heart of 2014 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis better take note. Most fans already know that the Venezuelan dreamboat has an adorable 5-year-old daughter, Camila — and she's totally gorgeous. (Well, duh. Have you seen Juan Pablo?) But as it turns out, Camila’s mommy is just as striking as her dad... if not more so.

Meet Latin actress Carla Rodriguez: Juan Pablo’s ex, and the mother to their darling daughter. She's beautiful, photogenic, talented, and seems like the best mother of all time. Which brings us to the season-long question we've been playing with in our minds: uh, why exactly are she and Juan Pablo not together?! We don't get it at all, but moving on...

Actress Carla is actually pretty well known all over the Spanish-speaking world, with experience in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and the USA. Her Twitter account, @Carla_Andreina, is filled with photos of Camila, and even a few of Juan Pablo, too. It's obvious that Camila is a huge part of her life, so while Juan Pablo is looking for a wife, it seems clear that his future bride will be seeing quite a lot of Carla.  

In the weeks leading up to Juan Pablo's January 6, 2014 Bachelor premiere, Carla tweeted plenty of photos of her daughter, and even mentioned Juan Pablo in many of them. The romantic spark in their relationship may have fizzled, but Juan Pablo and Carla are still very much a part of each other's lives. So while the Bachelor is looking for a new love of his life (other than little Camila, obviously) his ex seems like a pretty tough act to follow. Best of luck, girls!

Source: IMDBCarla Rodriguez on Twitter