Credit: Instagram Photo: Juan Pablo Galavis and Daughter

It's a sad day for the internet, Bachelor Nation. You see, now that Juan Pablo Galavis has been crowned Bachelor, he's no longer on the market. Well, he is on the market, but the only people who are allowed to sample his delicious offerings are the 25 single ladies poised to star on The Bachelor. And you know what that means! Juan Pablo isn't allowed to troll around Chris Harrison's new online dating app, At First Sight.

Feel that? It's tears of sorrow dripping down your face.

When a Bachelor Nation fan asked Juan Pablo if he was using At First Sight, he replied "I WAS, Him & @fleissmeister KICKED me OUT!"

We assume "Him" is a reference to God (note the capital "H"), aka Chris Harrison. This host with the most's new business venture is a breeding ground for... well, potential breeding, and it looks like Juan Pablo is no longer getting in on that action. Probably because the prospect of him dating millions of ladies online while simultaneously dating 25 ladies in real life is just too iffy for ABC to handle.

The good news? Juan Pablo can always assume a new identity and join OKCupid. And he can most definitely find us under the username I_Heart_Juan69.

Source: Twitter