The Bachelor 2035, here they come! There’s a mini baby boom happening right now in Bachelor Nation. We’re seeing a couple of pregnancies, a few new babies, and a good amount of “I want one of my own!” Here’s a small sampling of the big Bachelor baby news of the past year. (And it's not even counting this new Bachelorette daddy!)

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Melissa Rycroft and Tye Strickland expecting a sister for Ava!

On October 22, 2013, Melissa and Tye hit up Good Morning America to announce that Ava is getting a sister soon! The hot mama recently won an award for being one of the most attractive women in Dallas, and for good reason. We're pretty sure it'll be stiff competition between Mel R-S and DeAnna P-S for who will be the glowiest preggers lady of all time! 

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Bachelor producers just welcomed their first child

In August 2013, producers Cassie Lambert and Peter Scalettar — who met and fell in love while coaxing others to do the same, and had a big Bachelor wedding last year — welcomed a baby girl. Though we were hoping they'd name her Lambert-Scalettar, Cassie later revealed her name on Instagram as Georgia McQueen. Obviously, the girl's going to be a huge star.

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DeAnna Pappas Stagliano is pregnant with her first child

Season 4 Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas Stagliano finally found love with a “normal person” (imagine!) with no connection to The Bachelor franchise … except for his twin brother being on three different seasons (details...). DeAnna and Stephen Stagliano, brother of Bachelor Pad 2 winner Michael Stagliano, are expecting their first child on February 8. Though DeAnna wanted to wait to find out the sex of their little nugget, Stag likes to plan. It's a girl, in case you wanted to know. We did.

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Jason and Molly Mesnick welcomed first child in March

Precious little Riley Anne Mesnick was born on Thursday, March 14 in Seattle. She's the first child for Bachelor Season 13 couple Jason Mesnick and Molly Mesnick. Riley is little sister to Jason's son, Ty, from his previous marriage. Ty loves his little sister and gives her cute big bro kisses. Riley arrived weighing 6 lbs. 8 oz and measured 18 and ¾ inches in length. Jason told People his daughter was born with “a full head of hair, probably more than I’ll have in the next few years.” Now Molly is the mama expert, advising DeAnna on what to expect.

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Bachelor Andrew Firestone is expecting third child this winter

Life has been very kind to Andrew Firestone since his days as the Season 3 Bachelor. He and model Ivana Bozilovic have been married since July 2008 and have two children… so far. In late July, they announced they are expecting their third child this winter. Their kids — Brooks, 4, and Anja, 2 — have already taken sides. “Anja wants it to be a girl,” Andrew told People. “Brooks wants it to be a boy. But we’re not finding out. We like the surprise!” One of those kids is not going to be happy...

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Jen Schefft gave birth to her second daughter in summer 2012

Speaking of Andrew Firestone, here’s his Season 3 winner! It didn’t work out for them, and it didn’t work out for Jen Schefft Waterman as the Season 3 Bachelorette. But now Jen and her husband Joe Waterman are the proud parents of two kids — first Mia and then Mia’s little sister, Charlotte Grace Waterman, who was born July 31, 2012.

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Trista Sutter just welcomed her baby (niece) Mia

This was a total tease, we know. Trista Rehn Sutter and Ryan Sutter, the original Bachelorette success story, have two children of their own, and on August 19 Trista welcomed baby Mia. But Mia is Trista’sniece, not her daughter. Mia arrived via family in Germany, and Trista tweeted up an excited storm at the arrival of Max and Blakesley's first cousin.

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Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders Csincsak are expecting their second child.

How's this for crazy timing? Not only is DeaAnna Pappas Stagliano expecting, but the guy she gave the final rose to, Jesse Csincsak, is also adding to his family! Jesse and DeAnna's relationship ended in 2008, but The Bachelorette Season 4 winner met his wife, Ann, at a Bachelor Nation reunion (she appeared on The Bachelor Season 3). They had their first child, Noah, in February 2011, and Noah will be getting a little brother or sister in March 2014.


Ashley and JP Rosenbaum have a baby plan

Who are the babies of 2014 and beyond? Well, Season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and husband J.P. Rosenbaum want to start a family, but they are waiting until Ashley completes her dentist residency in June 2014. “Anytime after that June is fair game,” J.P. told Life & Style, and Ashley added “So June 1!” They just need to agree on how many kids they want to have. “I want one,” Ashley said, while J.P. said, “We’re having two kids. She’s putting up a fight now, but she’ll go for two!” They’re even talking (or at least joking about) names. On June 21, after the birth of Kim Kardashian’s North West, J.P. wrote, “@ashhebert what do you think about naming our future baby Magnetic North. #OneUpper & so much cooler than North West (or is it Northwest?)” 

Lindsay Yenter has baby fever

Back in April, Sean Lowe’s shoe-ditching runner-up, Lindsay Yentertalked to Wetpaint Entertainment about her new boyfriend and her job "doing Montessori for little, tiny toddlers. I have six 2-year-olds and they're working on potty training. They're working on sharing. It's the most rewarding job." When asked if the baby time made her ready for one of her own, she said, “It actually does give me baby fever because I feel like if I can handle six 2-year-olds at once, I can handle anything, and I can handle them.”

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AshLee Frazier is nesting

AshLee Frazier shared her adoption story on The Bachelor 17, and told Sean Lowe she wants kids, including an adopted child over age 2. Sean said it’s always been in his own heart to adopt … just not with AshLee. He seems pretty solid with Catherine Giudici right now. AshLee, on the other hand, still has babies on the brain. "Researching nurseries to prepare for my next few nesting sessions," AshLee posted in July, linking to Molly Sims' nursery. "Popular gifts for the mommies..." If her #1 crush Bradley Cooper ever wants to have kids, he should call Ash, ‘cause she’s ready.