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It’s hard to imagine anyone could be hotter than little Camila’s daddy, Season 18 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, but he definitely has some competition Down Under. Australia just kicked off its first season of The Bachelor, starring swoon-machine Tim Robards. To help you decide who the hottest of them all is, we’ve put together some handy-dandy photo comparisons of the hotties. Throwdown, boys.

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Tim, 30, looks a bit like Aussie actor Eric Bana, and he has quite the portfolio of modeling pics, including the cover of Men’s Health magazine. His love for healthy living, fitness, and doing yoga is pretty obvious in his impressive bod. The Sydney resident is co-owner and director of a chiropractic clinic and, in his bio, he says his ideal woman is honest, intelligent, and down-to-earth with a great sense of humor.

Both Tim and Juan Pablo seem openly interested in their ladies’s physical attributes. Why not? They look good, so why shouldn’t the ladies look good too? JPG has said he’d like his women to have nice butts (and he’s working on his own too). Tim told Who Magazine, “Initially, what attracts me is a great smile and expressive eyes. And you can see from a physical point of view whether somebody respects their body and their health, so that’s important.” Translation: Have a tight, hot body or you’re out!

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Both Bachelors also love kids. JP has his adorable daughter, Camila, and Tim told Who he was almost a step-dad during his longest and most serious relationship, at age 24. “She had a child. That was the one I came closest to thinking about marriage,” he said. “I took on her little boy like a son — there’s a fair bit of growth that comes with that.”

And since JP is Venezuelan and Tim is Australian, they both have the added hotness of an accent. Our Juan Pa is an energetic fast-talker with that charming what did he say? thing going on, whereas Tim seems to be a little more reserved. But he is a gentleman, as you can tell from this awkward clip from his show’s premiere, when a girl gets a little clingy and he has to disengage. He seems like a classy guy … or as classy as you can be while also making out with 25 women simultaneously.

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But what do you think? Who is hotter — their Bachelor or ours? It’s a shame we can’t date them both to really be sure who’s the boss!

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