Credit: ABC via WENN Photo: Sean Lowe's Bachelor Ladies Line Up for First Rose Ceremony in Season 17 Premiere

Oscar Wilde said the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, but what if two toddlers are talking about how badly you behaved on The Bachelor? Is there anything more embarrassing than being shamed by little kids?

Sean Lowe is an uncle to two cuties named Kensington and Smith, and their mama, Shay Shull, talked to Access Alexis about Uncle Seanie’s experiences on The Bachelorette Season 8 and The Bachelor Season 17. Shay signed Sean up for the Bachelor/ette experience to begin with, and her family was featured during Sean’s hometown date on Emily Maynard’s season.

Credit: ABC via WENN Photo: Tierra Looks Stabby in The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 4

Shay also flew to St. Croix on The Bachelor to advise Sean on his final six girlfriends, and that’s when Sean shared his concerns about Tierra LiCausi. But it was only when the show aired back that they saw some of the reasons why sparkly Tierra was considered a one-woman tornado.

Asked if she let her kids watch Sean’s love-and-looniness journey on TV, Shay says “Sean is a really big part of their lives and the show represented him and our family, so we let them watch both seasons (they were 2 & 3 during The Bachelorette and 3 & 4 during the The Bachelor). They loved talking about Tierra! They still talk about Tierra and her tantrums.”

She finally found her audience! It makes sense. What 4-year-old doesn’t love watching adults act like 2-year-olds? “See, Mom? At least I’m not THAT bad!” Still, should kids that young be watching a show filled with sex talk, hot tubs, tongue-kissing, and their uncle wearing almost nothing?

Source: Access Alexis