Credit: Catherine Giudici on Instagram

Eat crow, American Pie boy! Eat it slow, with tears falling from your sad, shamed little eyes.

Catherine Giudici has been holding a secret grudge against actor Jason Biggs for six months. Why? On March 11 — the night Sean Lowe’s The Bachelor Season 17 finale aired — Jason tweeted, "Ok, pretty clear that he chooses Catherine. Kidding aside-six months, they're broken up. F--king joke. #TheBachelor #TierrasForeheadHole #LA."

First of all, isn't it funny how many celebs (especially 30-something guys) watch The Bachelor? Second, WRONG, pal!

It's now September 11 — which is a big day for much more important reasons than Catherine’s Bachelor revenge, but still — and Cat just re-tweeted Jason's breakup prediction, adding, "Not that I've been waiting to tweet this for 6 months or anything..." She copied both Jason and Sean on her gotcha burn.

J.P. Rosenbaum, who married his Season 7 The Bachelorette lady, Ashley Hebert, asked Catherine, "is today the 6 month mark?" Cat replied, including both Jason and Sean, "of being announced, yeah. Little do they know, I took his tweet as a challenge. So joke is on Sean :)" Double zing! She'll be here all week, kids. Actually, she just moved to Sean's hometown of Dallas, so if she wanted to just hit the six-month mark and run she probably wouldn't have uprooted her whole life. RIGHT, JASON?

SeanCat has actually been together for a lot longer than six months, since that's just the day the finale aired, and their love story started a few months before that. So, Jason owes this couple an apology — and some free pie. He probably gets plenty. To be fair, though, he was probably right with whatever breakup date he predicted for Emily Maynard and Jef Holm.

Source: Twitter