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Jaclyn Swartz and Rachel Truehart have had some crazy experiences together: They both got dumped by Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor Season 16 (so many feelings about that), made it into the ‘Pad for Season 3 before having a little rockiness come into their relationship, and are pretty much the baddest blonde betches around. And now the two sistah friends can add another life event to their friendship charm bracelets (we just assume): Getting tattoos together!

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On September 28, Jax and Rach Instagrammed pics of themselves getting inked up. And wow, these weren’t just, like, little roses on their ankles or anything — we’re pretty sure they’ve had enough of those for a lifetime.

Jaclyn got the Hebrew word for “family” tatted on her inside right wrist, first posting a pic with “#happening” before posting a finished product.

We always knew she was pretty unflappable, but in one pic, she’s just staring directly at the needle as it does its thing on her flesh. Which, 'scuse us, we’d be passing out at that point. (We can barely take the pain of spilt wine, let alone a needle that close to our nerves. No thanks.)

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But that was nothing compared to Rachel’s daring art. The Bachelor Pad Season 3 runner-up got a feather tattooed under her left boob, and she posted pics (presumably taken by Jaclyn) of herself laying on her side with the needle going to work.

After it was done, she posted a photo collage of her badass self flashing a hand sign while looking thug with her tattoo artist — and flashing a little underboob while she was at it!

“#tattedup #bffs #bestfriendsforever #bonding,” the gravel-voiced beauty captioned her pic. As much as we want to be besties with these girls, if this is the hazing process, we’ll have to just watch from here...

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